Drilling Through the Core

Drilling Through The CORE by the Pioneer Institute

Pioneer Institute’s new book, Drilling through the Core, provides an unbiased look at the national K-12 education standards known as Common Core.

Does the curriculum prepare students for college? What is the cost of implementation? Is Common Core legal?

Drilling through the Core has the answers.

The book is the culmination of a multi-year Common Core research and evaluation initiative. Pioneer Institute commissioned scholars, lawyers and other experts to conduct peer-reviewed research without taking money from large philanthropies that hold a pre-determined view of the standards.

“Some see Common Core as a state-driven effort to improve American K-12 public education and help students in underperforming schools; others think the English and math standards are of dubious quality and represent illegal federal government overreach,” said Pioneer Institute Executive Director Jim Stergios.  “Pioneer takes the latter view, but in Drilling through the Core, we seek to treat the first view fairly.”

Pioneer Institute is an independent, non-partisan, privately funded research organization that seeks to improve the quality of life in Massachusetts through civic discourse and intellectually rigorous, data-driven public policy solutions based on free market principles, individual liberty and responsibility, and the ideal of effective, limited and accountable government.

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